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About De Andres Design

De Andres Design is a complete facility that specialises in the refinishing, reupholstery, repairing and restoration of antiques, vintage, design, heirlooms, fine furniture and about anything in wood and fabric or leather.

Our main goal in restoring your furniture is to preserve value. Allow our professional staff to restore your vintage and antiques to their original and beautiful condition. We offer to make your piece resemble a new piece or give it a well-valued "patina," which still retains the look of a well-preserved object while maintaining its character and functionality.


Our staff uses a process which turns the lacquer into a liquid, allowing it to bond back with the wood, retaining its original value while giving it more functionality for everyday use.


We are conveniently located in the center of Helsinki. To establish trust, we approach each piece of furniture as if it were our own. We can say without hesitation that we have never let any job leave the bench until we are proud of it. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and a long list of pleased clients is our personal endorsement. 

Our studio has a full cycle of furniture renovation - carpentry of highest quality, custom made furniture, gluing, painting, polishing, re-upholstering, rattan fixing, leather/sheepskin, glass work, fabric supplying and belts webbing.


Our work experience includes conference-halls, libraries, public buildings and restaurants.

If you need to buy any fabric - we could offer you our assistance and discount in such companies as Lauritzon's, Kvadrat and Orient&Occident.


We encourage you to call us with any furniture issues.

We speak Finnish, English, Spanish and Ukrainian.

We work with any insurance cases and we give the best service to repair any of damage with most fair offers and prices!

We are proud to have as costumers Galerie Donner, Schulman Taide- ja Antiikkiliike, HADDADIN Antiques, Joarc Architects, Arts & Design, Mint&More etc.


If you want to now, how much will cost and how long will take to repair your furniture - just send us a message to email with a picture and description. Welcome to our workshop!

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Irina de Andres Design
Irina De Andres Design


 De Andres Design
renovation ateljee

Kasarmikatu 4



MA-PE 12.00-18.00

sopimuksen mukaan

+358 45 18 16 444

Irina de Andres-Donner

 De Andres Design
design shop

Fredrikinkatu 16



MA-PE 10.00-18.00

+358 45 18 16 444

Irina de Andres-Donner

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